vietnam flag

Vietnam was amazing!!!! Anytime we discuss about our trip. We always mentioned Vietnam. One of the reason was its actually and amazing country and second is we dint expect to have such a fun trip while starting the trip

Right from the smiling and happy people to rich culture and a culinary heaven is Vietnam.  With a Vietnamese Dong as a national currency you tend to think it as a cheap country which it is at certain level. But even if it’s not cheap it’s worth spending each penny there

Right from our stay in an Apartment in Ho Chi Minh to stay in luxurious Angsana the stay was eually superb

Our Itinerary was

Mumbai – Ho Chi Minh – Hoi An – Lang Co with Hue – Ho Chi Minh – Mumbai

Yes we dint visit Hanoi and Halong Bay and not even Nha Trang .

PS : This trip was one of the best but unfortunately our hard drive crashed and we lost almost everything 😦 . We have few pics and the rest we have used it from the other sources. We will mentiond where we are using the other sources

Everything was a challenge right from applying for E Visa to book local airline tickets from a local agent but it was worth taking all the pain and risk

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