Things to do in Phnom Pehn

Being a Capital of Cambodia its pretty developed compared to the other places in Cambodia. The apartment where we stayed was pretty much near to all the major attractions

We hired a guy called ‘’Lan’’ who does sightseeing for Living. A noble gentleman who doesn’t believe in looting you.

There are few attractions where you can visit while in Phnom Penh

The most interesting part is our guide Lan just charged us USD 25 for the whole day. And he also offered his identity card to us to get the sim card. Very generous and noble person.

There may be other good places also but we didn’t find it worth visiting ( Our personal opinion)

Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda

It’s the main attraction of Phnom Pehn and also the home to King of Cambodia situated near the Mekong River.It’s a pretty large compound and very well maintained . The entry will cost you around 10 USD plus extras if you take a private guide( Which we did).

You can easily find the things around you if you wish to gather more knowledge. The guide pretty much shares the history and few customs of the Royal Family

Have a close look at the architecture and carvings and you will feel the Cambodian Touch in it.

Royal Palace
Royal Palace at Night

On our visit it was an Independence Day for Cambodia so the Palace was beautifully lightened at night.

Next compound is dedicated to Silver Pagoda which has a lot of Silver Artifacts on Display including different positions of ‘’Lord Budhdha’’

There are a lot of monuments and gifts from different countries kept for display here. The sad thing is you are not allowed to take photographs here.

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (S21)

A devastating place. There is an Audio Guide available for few bucks and I suggest you take it. To feel the horrified situation it used to be in the past

The dark and small passages , small cells , equipments used for torturing and the photographs shakes your body and soul and you wonder how can someone be so cruel

The Audio Tour would share more stories of Such Prison Camps and when you sit on one of the Bench below the trees outside and listen you wish such a massacre should never have been carried out

Russian Market

Nothing fancy . Most of the china made items on display. You can omit this destination if you don’t want to make yourself Humid

Silk Island

Little away from Phnom Pehn is a Silk Island where there are few companies producing silk from the Larva. It’s a separate island and you can only go there by a Ferry ( Tuk Tuk gets on to Ferry) . After crossing you pass a dirt road for few minutes and you have a glimpse of actual rural life of Cambodia. Small houses and significantly dominating boards of the Cambodian National Party gives you a feel of Communism(which is not actually).

We visited a Silk farm where there were few machines and silk weaving manual works were going on. You can buy silk scarves and there is a small café . Its more like a local experience but the journey is worth visitng.

There are also some other monumets like Independence monument , National Museum which we dint visit because of the Heat.

Water Festival

On the Independence Day of Cambodia the government organizes Water Festival in which there are lots of Boats in the Race. In the night lightened barges floating in river with different community messages along with fireworks makes something exciting for the night.

Water Festival


Riverside Bars

Lots of riverside cheap bars are available to entertain you on the riverside. You can easily find a good place in any of the backpackers bars.