Pub Street – Siem Reap

Pub Street – Siep Reap

Wow…. What a place!!!!


The whole street is dedicated to Pubs and Barswhich has lot of Local Bars playing Trans Music , Live Music and  serving good food.

Little away from the Pub Street you will find the Hard Rock Café also

Pub street is extremely energetic.  While our visit it was a Cambodian National holiday so there were lot of locals . Out of which there was a group of teenagers who so enthusiastic that they also encouraged others to dance with them. Suddenly one of them jumps on the street and other tourists like us also joined them and it was a never ending fun. Suddenly you become familiar to all of the people around you and laugh and dance with them and after few moments there is another smiling face doing the same.

There are lots of Famous Bars in Pub Street. While we had a chance to visit some of them.

Siem Reap: Banana Leaf Restaurant & Bar is right on the corner of a street and offers live music. Seating arrangement is nice but washroom could have been improved

Siem Reap: The Angkor What? Bar is kind of a Hippy bar with UV lights and great music. The drinks were ok. Mojito was way too sweet. They have a policy of paying right after receiving each drink which was little inconvenient. But overall good place.

The Angkor What? Bar
The Angkor What? Bar

Siem Reap: Hard Rock Cafe Angkor  is where we went there for lunch. Welcoming guest and suggesting different items to try as usual. Good thing is they have added quite a few items in Vegetarian Food. But still we opted for the signature nachos as usual. Great presentation and same taste as in other countries. Drinks were good


Indain Food near Pub Street

Little away from the Pub Street are Indian Restaurants and one of them is Siem Reap: The Indian .Food was below average. Paneer Sabji was very very sweet in taste . Paneer was so hard that i had to make pieces of paneer with the spoon and then have if with Bread. Hospitality was at the worst. What kind of restaurant staff eats right infront of your table while you are still having your dinner. They were talking so loudly as if they don’t care about their customers. Not at all worth visiting.

Another Indian restaurant is Siem Reap: Dakshin’s .  We went there on the last night of our visit to siem reap. As our request the food was made super spicy . We ordered Paneer Tikka Masala and Daal Fry . Both were cooked to perfection. Panner was soft as expected. Mango Lassi was made fresh. Bit Pricey but who cares when you have such great food. Hospitality was up to the mark. Wow Feeling

You will find a lot of bars around the area. You don’t have to worry about the pricing. Cambodia is pretty cheap . Food is also at reasonable prices and good taste. These are good people. You will enjoy Siem Reap

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