Our To do list in Udaipur

Udaipur is very well famous and new favorite destination of Our Gujju people with some really rich legacy.You must be aware of the places to be visited like City Palace Complex , Saheliyo ki Baadi , Monsoon Palace etc.

Here is a list of things what we love to do the most while in Udaipur

Have a sip of Cold Coffee at Fateh Sagar Lake . Our personal favourite is Vinod Coffee.

Food Stalls at Fateh Sagar

Fatehsagar tends to be crowded on weekends. Even in low season. Just park the car and walk towards the shops where you can find some amazing hot and cold coffee.Maggie and garlic bread is a must eat with coffee.

Stay in one of the HRH hotels with some tremendous heritage collections

HRH has total of 5 properties in Udaipur. Shiv Niwas Palace and Fatehprakash Palace are within the City Palace Complex where as Jagmandir Palace is a Seperate  heritage. The other two are not so luxurious and can be counted as basic hotels.


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Try Maggie and Panipoori at one of the joints near Fateh Sagar

There will be a lot of ”thelas” outside . You can go and challegen your tastebuds with some spicy rajasthani panipoori

Must Do : Go and visit the Crystal Gallery in City Palace Complex. They don’t allow to take pictures but it’s a must visit place specially for heritage lovers.

A Hall at Crystal Gallery

Crytal Gallery is amazing. Right from the huge ball room with some amazing chandeliers and carpets. The artifacts includes some amazing crystal crockery and other things used on daily basis. Most of them were brought in the time of Maharana Sajjansingh.

Sit on the edges of Badi Ka Talaab and admire the sun settling down

Sunset at Baadi ka Talaab

Little away from the busy city you will find Baadi ka Talaab . Not many of the visiters go there( Or there weren’t none during our trips). Find a spot to relax and look at the sun vanishing in matter of minutes. If there is a little cool wind that’s a bonus scored.

Try pictures of Moon with Sajjangarh ( Monsoon Palace) at night

Sajjargarh at Full Moon

While going to Baadi ka Talaab from the backside road ( the road that goes straight from Ramada) stop at the first junction(Kodiyat Road). You will find some amazing moments to capture of Moon and Monsoon Palace.

Visit ‘’Shilpgram’’ and enjoy some local folk singing and local folk arts.

Shilpgram is dedicated to local artists. Folk artist from all over are called here ane they been alloted different areas. There are different model homes prepared of different areas of rajasthan. Listening to the folk music inthe late evening makes your soul happy.

Go to one of the Roof Top restaurants for dinner and admire the majestic views of City Palace.


City Palace Complex looks amazing at night. Beautifully lightened and the views of Gangaur Ghaat are mesmerising. Best feelings by just looking at the amazing marvel of history .

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