How to get Vietnam Visa

The good part is you can apply for Vietnam Visa online and the Bad part is you can not apply directly on your own. There are government authorized agencies ( or they say so) which takes your details and applies on behalf of you.

Its just like any other travel agent applying for your visa but here they don’t get you the Visas. They get you an Approval Letter on which you can get the Visa Stamped on Arrival

We used the following travel agent

Make sure to carry print out of the letter as your airliens may demand the same while checking you in.

Also we opted for the fast track services for and additional USD 20 which gives you a special treatment. Directly on your arrival door there will be a guy waiting for your name who will take your passports and get the Visas Stamped. We dint wait or stood in the line.

Way before corruption in Vietnam included the Immigration officers asking for 5-10 USD to get you thru but now there’s nothing to worry. Its simple and smooth process.

Approval Letter for Vietnam Visa

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