Adaaran Prestige Vadoo – Maldives

Adaaran Prestige Vadoo

Once you reach hotel no matter how much tired you are they will forcefully show you the whole property


Its on a small island with 2 Speciality Restaurants and 2 Major Bars

Adaaran has a total of 5 hotels out of which we selected this because there were chances that we see Bioluminescent Planktons ( Although we dint find any)


There are few islands with higher possibility of Planktons appearing at night. You can google it and make you call if you wish


The island is not very big. It’s a small island with almost 50 rooms. But the greenery is very well maintained. There is an open stretch of Sand where you can sit near the Open Bar and enjoy you drinks. Swimming Pool is there somewhere but who cares about swimming when you are in Maldives



We had booked Sunrise Overwater Villa ( As there was a national holiday in Maldives the hotel was fully booked with Locals)

The overwater Villas are beautifully designed with a direct staircase lets you jump directly into clear waters of Maldives.

The room was Huge with all luxurious amenities , well equipped Bath area along with Jacuzzi and a Transparent Glass from where you see the bottom of your Villa.


There is a small Plunge Pool on the Deck from you can see the Skyline of Maldives. ( Try to Book Sunset Villas as Sunrise Villas doesn’t give much views except Male City)


Pretty amazing people . Always eager to serve you. And when you have amazing people you enjoy the food. They serve almost all cuisines. ( Many of them are frozen so choose wisely)

As we are Vegetarians we had limited options but there were good options including Indian Food.


Once my wife was not feeling well and we decide to skip the meals but they told to rest in our rooms and they will send the food.

There is also another Japanese Restaurant where we dint go 😉


We were on an All Inclusive Plan( We recommend to you also) so we never had any price checking with the drinks but हर बार जाके बोलना पडता था की भाइ और थोडा दारु डाल दे बहोत लाइट है

The propery has two major bars

One is on the shores with a view of Garbage Island 😉

Other is a deck bar few steps away from the reception directly overlooking the Sea ( In which my wife accidently threw her goggles :o)

Shisha was super pricey with 50 USD plus Taxes and waste of money. They have no idea how to prepare.


Sometimes you have to go to them and request them to refill you drink

Overall , a good hotel and very well maintained hotel…


If not necessary do not go for the All Inclusive Plan . Even if you order a la carte we don’t think it will go over the All Inclusive Price ( We paid 45k+ Taxes per night for accomodation including All Inclusive Plan)