cambodia flagWe dint have much of thoughts while visiting this country. I mean we both were totally unprepared and clueless.

Apart from that Ami Slipped in Bathroom at 2 AM and I had a severe backache since demonization 😀 (Yeah it’s true… Back pain started on the same night modiji announced the news) . ..Along with that we were pretty late on our international flight from Mumbai wo finally after rushing here and there we boarded our Jet Airways Flight to Bangkok and then we were on the Bangkok Airways flight to Phnom Penh

We had planned 3 days in the Capital Phnom Penh and 3 days in Siem Reap out of which only two days of tours we booked in advance and we had 3 days of shopping reserved in Kualalumpur at the end of our Camdodia trip

Our Journey :

Mumbai –> Phnom Pehn –> Siem Reap –>Kualalumpur –> Mumbai

We Used Maximum airlines in this trip with a flight with Jet Airways , Bangkok Airways , Bassaka Air , Air Asia , Malindo Air and Air India

Cambodian Visa :

There is Cambodia Immigration Department website issuing E-Visa on . Or you can directly go to airport as Cambodia provides Visa On Arrival for most countries.

When you land in Phnom Penh you suddenly hear the song in your ears….ये कहा आ गये हम….युही साथ साथ चलते 😀

Phnom Penh

Things to do in Phnom Penh

It’s not a huge city and everything is within 30 minutes reach

Stay : We stayed at Chateau The Meliya which was pretty close to the main attaractions. Also during Cambodian Indepence Day the roads to hotel are closed during regular day time so do make sure to check with the hotel ( November 9th)

Food and Dine : Cambodia is pretty cheap when it comes to booze. There are a lot of riverside economic and rooftop bars with good views. The only issue you may find is the Humidity. Also there are few restaurants on the Riverside along with a coffee joint near the Royal Palce

A tuk tuk ride will cost you roughly 5-7 USD ( Depending on negotiation skills) , however we booked a Tuk Tuk for 25USD for Half Day with a Very Humble and Kind Person.

Siem Reap

Angkor Tour with Vespa Adventures – Siem Reap

Pub StreetSiem Reap

Things to do in Siem Reap

Siem Reap is kind of cultural capital of Cambodia and very well-developed and you see almost tourists only in the Heart of a Town

After 3 days trip of Phnom Penh we took trial at the New Airline Bassaka Air . Old style Airbus with great services. A trip from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap hardly takes 20 minutes.

Siem Reap is the most famous for ‘’Angkor Complex’’

Once you reach Siem Reap you immediately feel the sense of Foreign Tourism. Lot of good hotels and lot of foreigners.

Stay : We stayed at Somadevi Residence .Great luxury hotel with excellent staff. One of the employee also bargained for us for Tuk Tuk  😀

Food and Dine : Its a tourist hub in Cambodia. You will find almost all cuisines here including Hard Rock cafe. We also found great Indian Food here. Make sure you try the small cafes which give you great authentic taste.

There are numerous bars on the Pub Street with Vibrant People and you find a lot of different authentic cuisines right from Streets to Fine Dines

Alert : Whole of Siem Reap area has a lot of mosquitoes. Make sure you use sufficient mosquito repellent.