About Us

tom n jerry

Weeeelllll….We are Tom n Jerry  😉

Husband is made Tom( By Force) …… Wife has chosen to be Jerry( By Choice)

Tom was not very fond of Travelling and a boring husband but Jerry inspired him to Travel to Diffrent places.Also Tom was cheap by nature 😀 …He dint like to pay much for the Hotels but Jerry taught him to spend more at Luxurious Hotels and Enjoy the .

जेरी बहोत परेशान थी…. उसे समज नही आ रहा था की टोम क्या करना चाहता है. पर फ़ीर जेरी भी टोम जैसी ही बन गयी

This is us ….

We are married( We also think sometime how the hell did this happen).We are working in a company where we are partners. We fight at night while discussing business. :/

Only thing we have common in us is every 3rd to 4th Day we discuss “અરે યાર બઉ ટાઇમ થઇ ગ્યો ક્યાક ફરવા જઉ પડસે ( Its been many days let’s travel somewhere)

We are not someone who would dedicate everything for Travelling. Unfortunately that passion has not evolved in us yet.

We are a normal working  आम आदमी और आम औरत who makes time in between the responsibilities and  work.

You can not find time… You have to make time

We are also not Bagpackers …. A normal travellers with normal requirements.This site shares our views and experiences. Those are our personal views and may differ from our readers. Please feel free to share yours and correct us if in case we are wrong somewhere

We have mostly used our pics only in the most posts but somewhere we have used the pictures available on internet due to loss of our pics.

Cheers and Happy Travelling

Ami & Vrundesh