Thailand Leisure Trip in 50K ?? Yeah Its Possible πŸ˜‰

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Bangkok Pattaya is always a Hit and sold by almost all. Indeed Its very conceivable to visit Krabi or Phuket in Pretty Cheap ways. Samui will be bit on a luxury side which you can contact us for further information


Β There are non-stop flights to Bangkok/Phuket from Major urban areas of India

Following are ,

  • Indigo – Direct flights to Bangkok from Bangaluru , Chennai . Hyderabad , Kolkata and Varanasi
  • SpiceJet – Direct flights to Bangkok from Amritsar , Ahmedabad, Delhi , Hyderabad , Kolkata
  • Go Air – Direct flights to Phuket from Mumbai and Delhi

These flights will cost you generally 18K-20K return trip for per individual. You can generally pick Skyscanner, Kayak, Orbitz for looking at the flights or you can generally come to us for any further information with respect to the bookings.

If you want to go ahead from Bangkok or Pattaya following are the regional airlines you can book

  • Thai Vietjet Air , Nok Air , Lion Air ( Low Cost Airlines – Only Hand Baggage is allowed)
  • Bangkok Airways( Premium Airline)

Approx Return Fare Price are 4-5K ( Per Person)

  • Koh Samui is a top notch destination and it’d cost you around 12-15K for round outing.
  • Average sum Spent for Phuket/Krabi/Chang Mai/Chang Rai – Rs. 25K ( Per Person)
  • Airport Transfer : 800-1000 Rs.


Now the main question raises… . Why Bangkok or Pattaya Only!!!!

Thailand is one to most wonderful and vibrant nation one can visit in the least expensive way that is available.

Where would you be able to visit?

  • Krabi – Koh Phi – Phuket
  • Chang Mai
  • Chang Rai
  • Koh Samui – Koh Phangan

Truly you read it right. Krabi-Koh Phi- Phuket are basically in a similar area. They are falsely publicized as different destinations. You can really go to Phi from Krabi in 2 Hours and more 2 hours in a Boat will take you to Phuket. Indeed Phuket is all the more a Party Place and getting to be like Pattaya however Krabi has its very own appeal and much better and much Beautiful.


These totally depends on your wish of staying in the type of Accommodation where you want to stay and what is your purpose of stay. We typically visit almost all things to do in the initial 6-7 Days with budget accommodation and last 2-3 days with premium hotels/resorts and chill during our last days of trip

Our Room in Krabi

Any Hotel with great rooms, cleanliness and great area will cost you 2K to 3K every night . So this will cost you generally 10K and in later night you can stay in premium hotels which can cost anything between 10K to 100K .We paid 8K for 3 evenings in Krabi with a Large Private Terrace and Sea View Room.

Sight Seeing

This we strongly recommend you that you book it through the neighborhood visit local tour guide. Regardless of whether you book through online specialists effortlessly 30-40% additional charges will be there. So if the visit is costing you 2K you will really pay 3K at any rate. For what reason to pay more if its sensible in lesser expense.

That’s our Private Ride πŸ˜‰

For instance in Krabi we requested a visit in our Hotel and we were cited 1200 Baht(Rs. 2400) yet a similar visit which we booked straightforwardly through the Tour Operator we paid 800 Baht ( Rs. 1600). Visits are pretty much comparative so any visit you take wont influence your timetable much.


Try to use Local Transport as much as you can. Bangkok has a great Metro Connectivity to all Major Parts. Other cities like Krabi, Phuket, Samui has Scooters available for Rs.400-500 per day. Petrol of Rs. 300 will full your tank which will run atleast for 2 days. Yes you have to give your passport as a security as scooters don’t have insurance but its totally safe if you return the vehicle in the same condition.

Our Bumblebee πŸ˜€

Food and Drinks

GO FOR THE LOCAL FOOD. You are not there to eat Punjabi Thali or Samosa. Attempt the local food. Its a lot less expensive. Your taste buds will be fulfilled by trying new dishes. Authentic Pad Thai or Thai curry is way more different than what we eat in India. Try Thai Cooking Class (Rs. 2400 ) once during your tour.

Drinks are particularly less expensive in Thailand. In any case, not in the Bars in the event that you are considering. 3 little Tins of Singha or Chang will cost around 100 Baht in 7/11. We purchased 7 different beers for aggregate of 400 BahtΒ  There are few bars in the towns where you can have an expansive jug of lager for 90 Baht yet you need to go search for the menu and ask . On the off chance that off season you may get it for 70-80 Baht.


So , In Conclusion Lets figure a 8 Days Phuket and Krabi Tour Expense (Approx)

For Example if you want to Visit Krabi/Phuket you can go to any of the airports and then choose an internal transfer between those places for a nominal price.

Your typical Itinerary can be

Day 1 – Land in Phuket(Direct Flight from Bom/Del)

Day 2 & Day 3 – Spend in Phuket for Local Sigh Seeing

Day 4 – Leave from Phuket( Rassada Pier) to Phi Phi Islands (Tonsai Pier) Via Ferry

Day 5 – Take the last ferry from Phi Phi Islands(Tonsai Pier) to Krabi ( Ao Nang Beach)

Day 6 & Day 7 – Spend in Krabi ( Stay in Ao Nang Preferably)

Day 8 – Morning Sight Seeing and Leave for Krabi Airport and Take a Flight to India

  • Flight Cost –22KΒ  +22K – 44K
  • Accommodation Cost – 20K
  • Sight Seeing –  20K
  • Food and Drinks – 15K
  • TransportΒ  – 5K

Total – 104K( Visa Fees Not Included)

Benefits of Individual Travels

  • Free time and management as per your Schedule
  • Enough time for the sites you want to spend more
  • NO Funny Business – We were told 8 countries in Europe by a Leading tour operator but in 3 countries we spent only 3 hours .
  • Much more flexibility and freedom with food ( No Daily Gujrati or Punjabi Food)

We at Travelworld and Allied Services are not for plundering you for your cash but rather to give you precisely consequently of what you have paid.

We charge Rs. 2500 for the movement consultancy in which we will direct you to an ideal outing arranging alongside your financial plan of your decision of Destination. These Rs. 2500 will be utilized towards your booking on the off chance that you book with us. Be that as it may, rest guaranteed you will get a fantastic direction from ourside.


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