Paragliding at Interlaken

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It was December 2017. , I did my paragliding at Interlaken ,

I simply need to tell you guys that it’s simple and one must attempt it .And encounter and that feeling…..Even on the off chance that you have stature fear you can undoubtedly do it as there’ll be dependably a prepared individual going with you. You simply need confidence in the person taking care of your chute and you feel the genuine excitement and fun.


When I saw people arriving on the snow fields I told my hubby promptly then I need to do it at any cost. I also needed him to do it however he’s much the same as Tom ( Read more about us). There was an pause after smiles amongst us and after that we went to the Paragliding organization and inside no time I was on the car enroute to an adjacent mountain from when I should begin my plunge.

Ami with Amy

The street to the mountain was astonishing. As it was bit shady you couldn’t see anything around you aside from the white could and white snow. Purest and divine feel when you see the mists covering mountains and a little beam of Sun cruises by. A ray of expectation and peace. Truly it was frosty icy. Yet, you don’t have to stress as the Paragliding Company gets you sufficient cloths, caps and shoes to ensure yourself. Your coach will give you guidelines about Dos and Don’ts amid the jump. An extremely supporting staff and constantly excite to answer your inquiries with smiling face.


We both had same names . I am Ami and she was Amy .;)

Once the skimming was begun I don’t know yet I wound up cheerful for reasons unknown. Like I was a ruler of Interlaken sky and was soon going to arrive to my Kingdom. The sentiment passing through the mists and passing the mountains simply close you takes you to another level of energy. You can’t comprehend what side you look as its wonderful all over.


Snow secured rooftops , Water Canals , Smoke originating from the smokestack makes you soul super glad. You pilot gives you a chance to have a go at driving the chute and furthermore encourages you in taking pictures. You are never in full control however my Pilot Amy had so much trust that she made me do it my self. A solidifying frosty breeze was passing through my body and entrancing me step by step by the excellence of this town.


The best piece of the voyage was 360 degree turn over the town. The minute is astounding. Butterflies in your stomach as of now . It went on for few moments yet that was the feature of this jump. Such a great amount of fun in matter of seconds.Little after that you begin landing. Make a point to synchronize you steps while running or else you may fall or slip in the snow.

Now and again one should attempt your hands on every last conceivable enterprise to conquer your fear and take yourself to another level of experience. Try not to let you fears turn into the street breakers of Don’t fear anything and you will carry on with your life like a King/Queen.

Love , Ami

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