Spontaneous stopover at Salzburg

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This destructive thought came into our brain while going on Eurail from Innsbruck to Vienna.

We were on board and all of a sudden before 6 minutes before Salzburg was scheduled I formally said let’s get off at Salzburg for couple of hours and have a some fun. Shockingly and stun the other 3 amigos got energized and said how about we do it. It was the speediest beer we had in 2 minutes 😀

A sudden adrenalin surge went to our coach when were hurrying all over with our luggage:D Everybody resembled what the heck are they doing. We said farewell to a dazzling Austrian couple seating behind us and hopped off.

The beauty of Eurail Flexi pass is even we disembarked our train we could take other late train from Salzburg to Vienna as our pass was punched for the whole day.

All big European station has a Luggage Storing Facility which we used to store our baggage( Here it was self-look at in and check) and the best choice to visit no less than couple of points of interest was Salzburg Hop on Hop off visit which cost 19€ for each individual.

The point from where the visit begins is perfect outside the train station. Clearly visible boards outside.

You can check the calendar and costs of the visit on Salzburg official site.

With no piece of information and no planning we were pondering what to choose and where to go. Its was a hot verbal war between us to choose goals . At long last we didn’t do anything with the exception of couple of Landmarks 😀

The course is carefully planned with two unique lines and you can get on to any line ( Red/Yellow)

We went by Mirabellplatz , Schloss Hellbrunn and Herbert-von-Karajan Platz

At the Mirabell gardens the greenhouses were only little of greenery in light of the snowfall. There are couple of landmarks where you can take some great pictures.

Christmas Market outside Mirabell Gardens

Herbert-von-Karajan Platz was the primary focus point with various attractions like the Birth Place of Mozart , St Peter’s Abbey  , few other churches and other things which I have no clue about. 😉

Schloss Hellbrunn is a 400 years of age summer castle and popular for the trick fountains.

The place I most recall is a couple of minutes stopever at some Lake in Salzburg. Gracious… What a place!!!! Nobody around you and little tiny streets with a cool wind passing through your body. There was nothing extravagant about the place apart from the lake yet I could feel the association with nature . Regardless of whether I close my eyes I can without much of a stretch imagine myself remaining there


On the off chance that … If I was a painter I’d unquestionably painted that lovely minute

One more feature of the our tiny tour was A Four Cheese Pizza at a little joint inverse to Train Station. Colossal flavors and taste it was

And that’s how we ended up in Salzburg for few hours and hopped back and continued to Vienna

I apologize for such a random post but honestly I don’t have anything else to share apart from this


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