Lazy Mornings in Maldives

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Maldives was one of the most memorable trips of our small travelling tales

It was a superb radiant morning with a perfect temperature for sunbath. You can see birds flying in a manner and you can sit on your deck and take a look at the  little magnifiscent Male City and ponder the distinction of life inside 15 minutes. It barely took 15 minutes from the airpot to reach our resort. On one side its a little yet bustling city of Male and on the opposite side a tiny island .You feel the extreme power of Humans to develop a city amidst no place. On one side there is a quick existence of a city and on the opposite side quiet peaceful and crisp sentiments of Island.

It was our second day of Maldives and we were still in the Bed of our Overwater Villa while we had a feeling of पैसा वसुल use of our rights as tourists.. 😀

Breakfast on the Villa Deck – Maldives

The setup was pretty impressive with a Fresh Glass of Juice  , Some Toasts / Muffins and an Omelette . Now the funny part is…. We saw pieces of Meat in it so we called Mr Rana and ask him the same question. He returned with a धमाकेदार explanation saying that it’s a processed meat so its a vegetarian Meat. :/ . हा भाइ तुम्हारी होटेल है तो कुछ भी बोलनेका !!!!


The excellence of Maldives being a tropical nation is the climate changes frequently. On the second morning it was bright and on the last moring it was direct inverse… Blustery and in the event that you go into your Private Pool ( flaunting 😉 ) there will be a current passing thru your body because of winds. You can feel the freshness and smoothness in the climate in spite of the fact that it was sprinkling. A moderate rain with minimal little breeze makes them go on the entryways of Heaven.


Last morning was sad.. as usual… any wife was very much sad.. as always…  😦

So we became Devdas and  Devdasi and opened the champagne which was given as compliments and had it at morning 9 AM while enjoying the breeze and admiring the Male City Skyline…. ( We had to finish it by 11 so started early 😉 )

Morning are always Beautiful whether its Maldives or your home. It’s totally up to you how to make it more wonderful


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