Things to Do in Ghanerao – Ranakpur

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As there is nothing much more to do in this ares because the ares is almost covered under Sanctuary

Following are the things you can do / visit when in this area

  • Ranakpur Jain Temple : Well you can find pretty much accurate information on the internet so not much more to share 😀


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  • Ranakpur 1433 VS Restaurant : This is another awesome place in Ranakpur Town. Its on the way to Sadri after crossing Ranakpur Jain Temple. Its on the Banks of a River. When visitng in Monsoon you can literelly hear the prestine sound of River. Their “Mirchi ka Kuta” is one of the best. We have tried to mimic or find the same but have never ever found in these years


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  • Kumbhalgarh : Well not to much to share : D . You can easily google it. Kumbhalgarh is very famous place for Gujratis chiiling out. Now we Gujratis have changed our favourite Destination 😉



  • La Pizzeria :  As we have already mentioned in one of our other post its most amazing place for Italian Food / Israeli Food . Apart from this “Shisha” is superb here. They make some good flavours.


  • Desuri :  The straight Road from Ranakpur- Sadri  – Ghanerao goes to Desuri Cross Roads. We personally like the Aloo Pyaaz Kachori available at different outlets. Must try for foodies.


  • Narlai : Narlai is a Village with lot of Temples. There is an elephant temple in the Town where you can climb steps and have wonderful views of it. Another gem is Rawla Narlai . Rawla Narlai is amazingly maintained heritage hotel.


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